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Rangers Running The London Marathon For Rhinos ##BEST##

Wanting something a little more exotic? Then head out to African savannah and run a half or full marathon surrounded by the incredibly wildlife on offer from zebras, elephants, giraffes to lions and rhinos. All run with Rangers in support to keep you safe from the wildlife so you can focus on the stunning views while you run.

Rangers running the London Marathon for rhinos

In November 2020, Sinfield announced he would be running seven marathons in seven days to raise 77,777 in funds for ex-Leeds teammate Rob Burrow, who was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) a year earlier, as well as the MND Association.[42] He began his first marathon on 1 December with the fundraising target already exceeded,[43] Sinfield described it as "completely overwhelming" that the target had been reached so quickly.[44] By the time he finished his seventh marathon on 7 December, more than 1.2 million had been raised.[45][46] At the conclusion, he said it had "probably been the most special week in my life".[47] and said it was his greatest achievement above all he achieved in rugby league.[45] By the following day, the total raised had surpassed 2 million.[48] Of the funds raised, 500,000 was earmarked for research projects, a figure doubled by a contribution from medical research charity LifeArc to create a 1 million fund for MND research projects.[49]


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