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Recipe For Starbuck's Dolce De Leche EXCLUSIVE

I first created keto dulce de leche back in 2012, based on my sugar free condensed milk. And it is still a wonderful recipe, albeit a little time-consuming.But I am always striving for better, easier recipes. And in my near-constant experimentation, I discovered something recently. I found that if I used some allulose sweetener and simmered the cream a little longer, I got perfect sugar free dulce de leche in 45 minutes. How easy is that?

recipe for starbuck's dolce de leche

Each flavor latte has a flavored syrup. All the syrups have basically the same ingredients ... the cinnamon dolce, has a cinnamon dolce syrup ... the vanilla, a vanilla syrup ... and the dulce de leche has the dulce de leche syrup.

The dulce de leche sauce in this drink is what gives it the "toasted" flavor that's the signature mark of this beverage. It is caramelized, sweetened condensed milk that adds an extra layer to the drink. Plus, it's so yummy! If you're ready to whip up this copycat recipe, keep reading.

This copycat Starbucks cinnamon dolce latte recipe was one that was heavily requested on my instagram. This drink was discontinued from Starbucks in 2021 even though the drink had a loyal fanbase. Luckily, my time as a Starbucks barista gave me the knowledge on how to recreate this drink at home with ingredients you already have in your pantry.


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