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Surface Pro 7 Laptop 3: Fix For 640 X 480 Mode Update Issue [UPDATED]

With regards to the screen resolutions, if Windows is unable to pickup the right resolution automatically, you can force it with the Intel Command-center app. See: -intel-uwd-gpu-drivers-on-surface-and-other-oem-laptops/

Surface Pro 7 Laptop 3: Fix for 640 x 480 Mode update issue

It's for maximum compatibility. If it doesn't detect a monitor, that doesn't mean there's not one plugged in. If it's an older monitor that doesn't support more than 640x480, it may not work at all if it's set to a higher resolution, however, monitors with higher resolutions typically can display lower resolutions without issue. With that said, Microsoft has 30 years of compatibility layers holding it back right now. It's 90% of the reason Windows is still the dominant OS, but I'd love to see a split where they maintain an LTS version of Windows that keeps all the compatibility stuff, but also have a separate version where they don't make it such a point to keep features like this, especially when they don't make sense on a modern system. I completely understand why they wouldn't ever do this, but I'd also love to see where it could go without needing to hold back for compatibility.

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If you had the OS re-installed, installed with an OS other than the preinstalled version, updated Windows, or due to any circumstances the ScreenPad 2.0 fails to work properly (such as ScreenPad not responding, error on the screen, function inside the ScreenPad not working, touch not working), please follow the steps below to re-install the ScreenPad 2.0. If you experience the ScreenPad display or user interface issues after the computer upgrades to Windows 11, version 22H2, please refer to here.

A1: Because of the behavior of Windows 11, version 22H2 changed, it caused 'Active signal mode' to be changed. If a user changes ScreenPad resolution, it will show a black screen on the ScreenPad. You can choose the following either to solve this issue.

Windows defaults to "Duplicate these displays." So, what you see your laptop screen is what you see on your monitor, and when you move your mouse on one screen, it will also move on the other. In this mode, your monitor may not receive a full resolution video signal if your laptop graphics card is not powerful enough to deliver the full resolution to both displays.

You can show different content on your laptop and monitor by selecting "Extend these displays." In this mode, you can move your mouse beyond the edge of one screen to enter the other. This also lets you drag and drop windows onto both displays. So, you could have one program open full-screen on your laptop display and another on your monitor.

Support RTMPSSupport Facebook API v3.2Support adjusting application's display windows size automatically by windows screen sizeSupport HTML5 in embedded web browser in multi-mode.Support feedback issues through AVerMedia official websiteImprove the response time of user interfaceImprove the response time of recordingModified video resolution of the recording profiles "Optimal", "Good" and "Normal".Modified localized strings.Used DirectX12 as video rendering engine.Fixed audio noise in recorded files when capturing PS4 gameplay.Removed photo sharing to Twitter and FacebookRemoved video sharing to FacebookRemoved video editing function which provided in previos version 350c69d7ab


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