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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Full Repack ^NEW^

2) Equipment variety - More monsters means more gear, and more gear means more build variety. (Also GenU has a far superior transmog system cough) There's not one end-all equipment set in GenU, meaning you have freedom to experiment. (Atal-Ka is the closest thing to an end-all set, and even then there are sets that are better than it for certain things; Atal just makes it easier to get certain charm skills.) This means you're not really playing the game to build the unequivocally best set of gear, and kind of lose your way after that. You have freedom to invest in several sets of your choosing, each one fitting to your playstyle (and being visually unique for all you fashion hunters out there).

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Full Repack

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@Wanjia But I can say the oposite, that World is not Gen Ultimate. It's missing G-rank Only has around 30-ish monsters, which made it super boring at the end of the game. Event quests are limited unlike Gen ultimate where you can do them whenever you want. Most weapons on World look the same as you upgrade them, while gen ultimate has countless of different weapon visuals. Styles/Arts are gone in world, which gave everybody unique ways to hunt a monster, even if players all used the same weapon they can approach it differently. I can play as a prowler in Ultimate unlike world where im limited to my hunter only. See what I mean..some qol differences that world gives me doesn't make up for all the loss it has to Ultimate. People want Grank in World, but I doubt that adding a higher tier difficulty would make up for all the things that are wrong with it. World is my least favorite out of 5 monster hunters ive played so far.

I'm not going to comment about the story because the best thing capcom did was to remove the plot from a monster hunter game. don't get me wrong I love deep stories in my games when I play nier or the witcher but not monster hunter. It just stands in the way of HUNTING!!

I have a fondness for Tri, 2 player from one wii was a brilliant touch to encourage your mates to get it and a feature completely missing in all future home console versions. 3U had more content and was improved by the second screen functions (customisable too), i enjoyed playing the same hunter on Wii U then 3DS, another great feature.Generations U had the extra moves and monster count (alot of filler though).4U and World are lovely on the high frame rate mode (that pushes for 60) and they really show off the animation quality in those games. Also 4U in 3D was beautiful in motion.I don't have a favourite as they all have elements i enjoy. 041b061a72


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