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Elijah Davis
Elijah Davis

The Bittersweet Embrace Of Falling Back To Normal Time After Daylight Savings Time For A Northern C ((BETTER))

Sunday was a special day here at St. Andrew. We welcomed back Pastor Robyn Hartwig, currently serving as Pastor of Spirit of Grace in Beaverton and as Director of Ecofaith Recovery, to preach and preside on Earth Sunday. She stressed how important it is in a time of climate crisis not to give up, but to invest in the future. Thanks to our Earth Care Team for planning and executing an impressive Earth Care Fair between services and after the 11:00a service. This multigenerational event featured strategies and practical activities to combat climate change and protect our Earth home for future generations.

The Bittersweet Embrace of Falling Back to Normal Time After Daylight Savings Time for a Northern C

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Unforeseen events can change our lives dramatically overnight. We have had to make so many adjustments during this pandemic. We have had to adjust so many normal everyday activities. Change is part of life even in more normal times. Those who are able to adapt to changes seem to do better in life. During a pandemic the ability to adapt to change is an essential survival skill. We also need to realize that we are not going to ever get back to normal, but we are going to find our way into a new normal.


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