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Adolf Kuznetsov

Femme Fatales Season 1 Complete 720p Or 1080p

I want to be very clear here, so as not to be dismissed as a spoilsport: I think it's possible to make a good, sexy, "late night" cable show about women, just like I'm sure it's possible to make a similar show about men. Actually, if the balance is right, "Femme Fatales" could hit both bases. However, the premise kinda prevents the show from having any likable or cool protagonists, because they all have to be "femme fatales." Either we're going to watch an "evil" woman get what's coming to her, a "good" woman becoming corrupted by a drippy or abusive boyfriend, an innocent woman screwed over by an evil woman, or we're celebrating their evil victories. Each one presents an unfortunate stereotype of women being manipulative and evil, and then induces whiplash by leaping back and forth between wanting to see them punished for it and wanting to see them win. For a show about women, it would be nice to side with them once in awhile (not to mention, to see some more women's names in the show's credits -- not a single female writer or director this season).

femme fatales season 1 complete 720p or 1080p

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