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Currently, the only effective treatment available for CD is a strict GFD for life since it leads to the resolution of intestinal and extraintestinal symptoms, negativity of autoantibodies, and the regrowth of the intestinal villi. In addition, the diet offers a partial protective effect towards several complications. However, these crucial advantages are accompanied by some disadvantages, including a negative impact on quality of life, psychological problems, fear of involuntary/inadvertent contamination with gluten (as demonstrated in multicenter GIP studies) [48], possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies, metabolic syndrome, an increased cardiovascular risk, and often severe constipation [171,172,173]. Most of these CD-related drawbacks can be overcome by instructing the patient about the risks of an uncontrolled gluten-free regimen and by providing nutritional recommendations by a dietician with experience in CD. From a psychological perspective, the support a psychologist could be highly useful in accepting the disease [174].

The Complications Full Movie In Italian Free Download Hd

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