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Adolf Kuznetsov
Adolf Kuznetsov

Edius 65 Activation Error Code 1500 Solution

i have used your fix for several years now. bothersome when windows does an update yet it just became a habit. with the newest creator update for windows all those files disappeared. including my preferexternalmanifest files and it is no longer possible to use this fix. search cannot find any of the terms mentioned in the above fix. i hope you can track another way to fix adobe. my fonts are so small i cant read them. i am still using cs6 and adobe bridge almost everyday to process my photos. please look into this. i have search the web with no luck yet. please email me if you find one. this is maddening i do appreciate your previous fix. it got so many out of the stupid fix adobe and windows put us in. so please helps us find a solution from have the app tell windows that it is not dpi aware and let it scale everything properly. for window creator update

Edius 65 Activation Error Code 1500 Solution

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