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Engagement Rings For Couples: its significance

While many couples exchange rings as part of their engagement, it was not the norm not long ago. Although the tradition of exchanging rings in connection with weddings has been in place for quite some time and engagement rings in their current design have a relatively short history.

Over time, various nations have developed their own distinct traditions around engagement rings. Additionally the customs and practices regarding engagement and engagement rings are constantly changing. The days of a wedding party consisting only of a woman and a man are long gone. The customs and the society have changed and become more vibrant.

We will show you how the custom of the engagement ring came about and also what else you need to know about the sparkling piece of jewelry.

How long have these traditions been around for?

It is believed that the custom of presenting rings as engagement rings goes back to Pope Stephen (also known as Saint Stephen). He was Pope from 254 until his death in 257 AD. He was an avid advocate of the indissolubility of marriage. The engagement ring's purpose was to reinforce and signify the mutual marriage vow.

In the Christian faith, the ring is considered an oath to symbolize wedding. Since the 13th century, the bride and groom have been placing rings on each other's hands as a part of church weddings. It was many years before the distinction between engagement and wedding rings became common.

In other sources, the custom of the engagement ring even dates back to the beginning of time: Even in ancient Greece it was said to have been common for the groom to give his bride a ring a sign of his affection and concern. The Roman Empire also passed down similar customs that a ring made of iron with small keys was used to symbolize the bond between two people.

There is also a history connection between engagement rings and ancient Egypt. This could be why it is typical in certain countries for the rings to be worn on the left. The arterial connection to the heart is situated in the left arm.

In the Middle Ages, it was also customary to present the bride a ring made of iron to indicate that she was given her dowry. Even back then those with a lot of money had the chance to receive exquisitely designed rings, some of them even adorned with diamonds.

The tradition of giving an engagement ring of gold typically set with a gemstone or diamond to signify the marriage promise is said to be a relatively new concept and goes back to a marketing campaign of the diamond manufacturer De Beers. The slogan "A Diamond is Everlasting" is still a popular slogan.

Engagement rings significance in Germany

Since the 20th century engagement rings have been a common symbol of marriage in Germany. Couples exchange rings to symbolize the engagement of their partner and also to signify their vows to marry. Sometimes, the rings are worn as wedding rings after the wedding ceremony. The rings are then moved from the left hand to the right. If the couple decides they would like to wear wedding rings for their wedding, the engagement ring is typically taken off.

Tradition of engagement rings in the USA

In the USA the engagement ring is usually given to the bride. Many Hollywood films depict the traditional and romantic wedding proposal, where the groom traditionally gives the bride an engagement ring. After the wedding, this ring is often worn alongside the wedding ring. The custom is gradually spreading to other nations.

Tradition of engagement rings in Turkey

This is also true for the custom of the engagement ring. In Turkey for instance, these are also part of the customs that surround the planning of an engagement ceremony. Unlike in Germany, however in Turkey the parents of the future groom typically visit the parents of the bride to evaluate the situation. In tea, the subject of weddings will be discussed. If everyone agrees that their children should marry the bride-to-be's future bride and groom are presented with engagement rings. The red cord connects the rings. The cutting of this cord by a friend makes the engagement official.


The history of the engagement ring is extensive and diverse. There are many similarities, despite the differing customs and practices that exist in different countries. The engagement ring is everywhere a symbol of the promise of. lasting affection. It doesn't matter the shape in which the ring given, or what an engagement ring appears like and if it's an engagement ring for one of the partners or rings that are designed for both partners.


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